UAE is such a vast destination where you can find lots of beautiful scenery and wonders. Apart from the hustle city life you can also enjoy some stunning destinations which are rich in scenic beauty. Explore to this pretty destination and enjoy each and very spot at UAE which are worth enough in spending your vacation. The emirates at UAE are such potential hotspots which comprises of great locations which every tourists must visit. There are spectacular UAE picnic spots which you can enjoy with your families and kids.


Spots to explore:

  • Ski dubai is such an adventurous spot which would be an amazing destination to make your trip a perfect one. This is an unavoidable destination if you want to try out something different. There are lots of penguins where you can take some photograph and enjoy the beautiful snow covered areas around. There is Play Park where your kids can have wonderful time playing n the snow. It is the part of great mall of emirates Dubai and you can really visit this wonderful destination in making your trip an adventurous one.
  • Desert safari Dubai is another spectacular spot where you can have excellent safari over the desert enjoying the sand dune bashing. The desert views are very glorious that you really become impressed with the scenic views around the desert. You can also spend nights here enjoying the delicious BBQ with Arabian entertainments like belly dance. This is a good spot to spend your time with your families and kids. The morning sunrise and sunset is so stunning here.
  • Jebel Hafeet is another “wow” destination which is the UAE’s second highest peak and is one of the world famous one. This huge tomb would really capture your heart. The limestone filled tower is very popular and recommended as the best tourist spot.
  • Dolphin Bay is a great adventure you can have at Dubai. It is a wonderful collection of Dolphins which are so amazing to view. There are lots of visitors visit this spot in spending their time enjoying swimming and scuba diving. This bay gives you fond memories.

Awful Destination:

UAE is such a gorgeous and beautiful destination which ahs got well clean and stunning beaches, Great malls to explore shopping , Souks, famous towers and viewpoints, Great Mosques, the traditional museums and palace, Visiting the natural beauty of emirates in cruise, Adventurous zones including famous water parks to play on spectacular rides, the thrilling water sports activities, jet skiing, ski diving, scuba diving, paragliding, The luxurious resorts and hotels like Burj Al Arab for a fantastic stay, Beautiful pars like Safa park, the great mountains and fossil rocks , pools, dams , wildlife and lot more. UAE would be a favorite destination for each one of you if you really spend your time visiting the enthralling and beautiful spots. Get more detail on the different spots and the amazing packages and deals to make your UAE trip a memorable one in your life.


Vacations are soon approaching! Have you planned out any trips? Are you in confusion regard with tourist destinations in making this vacation a bright one filled with lots of memories? Then you should try out UAE which is a recommended travel destination. This is an amazing place where you enjoy a lot by involving into great activities and have hangouts at lots of destinations. The lifestyle at UAE is so thrilling that you can enjoy peaceful night life too. This is an ultimate destination spot for tourists in experiencing the great trip.

Places you should not miss out:

UAE has the collection of countless destinations where you can spend your days in a great way enjoying the real beauty of UAE. The each place you visit at UAE is worth enough.

  • Dubai musical fountain is a great destination which impresses the tourists with its great show of water dancing with music. The fountain is a great attraction at Dubai and if you are interested in music you will definitely fall in love with this fountain.
  • Sheikh zayed mosque at abu dhabi is also a famous destination and it is recommended as a must visit for all tourists as this mosque is recognized as the world’s second largest mosque in the world. This beautiful mosque is located in abu dhabi.
  • Dubai Mall is a biggest mall where you can enjoy shopping buying lots and lots of things. The peculiar thing about this mall is that there is dubai aquarium where you can see the underwater zoo. This is a great mall where you can have a great time to spend.
  • There are lots of museums at UAE like dubai museum and sharjah arts museum which are very famous ones. There are collections of arts and paintings in the museum which are special works done by Arab and European artists. Yearly the museum conducts some exhibitions also. This spot is also a good one to visit.

To make adventures:

For the adventures, spend your day in desert safari which is a great entertainment for you and your family. You can enjoy the evening desert safari in dubai having some fabulous Arabic foods and fun filled activities. Camel ride or trekking would be the best part of your desert day where you can capture some of the adorable moments taking pictures. The sunset time is also something which you fall in love with desert safari.

Choose deals:

You can now make your journey so simple by booking through online choosing some great deals and packages. There are lots of such agencies are available today from where you can book in advance and start your journey. The one of the advantage is that you will not be confused with the spots and the agency would guide you. So always make your tours a special one by picking out the right package that is suitable for you. Visit website to get more summary about the different other attractive spots you can enjoy at UAE.

Purchasing Health Insurance Policy in Dubai

All the expenses related to the healthcare are covered by the Health Insurance. Individuals get security with the expenses related to any kind of critical illness which may, unfortunately, occur to one in future. The insurance plan can be purchased by either an individual or an organization. In each case, a fixed amount of money is to be paid towards the insurance policy purchased known as an insurance premium.

There are different insurance companies offering insurance plans. Dubai Health Authority recently introduced an Insurance Program for all the government employees and their families (dependents). This insurance program will cover the diseases continuing for a long period of time, essential dental care, and pre-existing medicinal conditions.

Those who are not government employees have several options as well when it comes to purchasing a health insurance policy in Dubai. People who have migrated to Dubai or planning to migrate to Dubai also have a number of options of purchasing an insurance policy in Dubai. Different types of health policies are available in Dubai. You can choose from individual health policies, family health policies, health policies for groups, travel health policies, discount health insurance policies etc.

In previous times, the locals of Dubai were of the view that any kind of insurance policy is gambling. However, with the influences from the western countries and with the help of awareness programs, the number of health insurance customers in Dubai has increased significantly. People care for their loved ones and the growing expenses of healthcare have convinced them to buy health insurance policies in order to provide a safeguard to the families and live a healthier and happier life.

There are different public and private hospitals in Dubai where the insurance policy can be utilized. It is worth mentioning that most of the public hospitals only provide treatment to the locals of Dubai. They only accept patients with the health card issued by the ministry of health, Dubai. If you are planning to move to Dubai, it is vital to buy an insurance policy for the good benefit of you and your family. Healthcare in Dubai can be very expensive in private hospitals and having an insurance policy can save you a lot of money.

Top Electronics Locations in Dubai

Dubai is best known as a customer’s heaven and it turned into a one-of-its-kind goal for shopaholics from around the globe. Despite the fact that web based shopping in Dubai is a developing pattern, every year, particularly amid the times of January and February, crowds of sightseers run to Dubai to delight in the substantial rebates on electronic shopping at its jazzy and captivating shopping centers.

Shopping is the fundamental topic of the city amid this time and is loaded with alluring advancements, item dispatches and substantial rebates on electronic things of day by day use to the most recent devices. Dubai’s swanky shopping centers combined with obligation free shopping and no tax assessment approaches have brought about vacationer filling their shopping baskets with electronic things and some more.

Deira City Centre

Deira City Center is one of the head shopping centers of Dubai with more than 350 stores on 3 stories jarring for your fascination. There are more than 25 hardware stores where you will get appealing rebates of extensive variety of items. Bose and Samsung have their own stores where you can appreciate item showings and mastery of the in-house device experts.

Mall of Emirates

Shopping center of the Emirates has been positioned among the Top 10 shopping centers as far as feel, shopping knowledge, openness and diversion on the planet. Situated on the notorious Sheik Zayed Road, with a committed metro station, the Mall of the Emirates in itself is a goal. There are more than 750 stores incorporating an extensive variety of items and way of life. Hardware stores incorporate Samsung, Eros Digital Home which has extensive variety of devices and retail marks.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is the world’s biggest shopping center with near 1200 stores spread more than 4 stories. This excellent shopping center is the center of all the shopping and has increased present expectations impressively. World’s first class design brands, hardware and way of life brands have a not too bad nearness in this impressive shopping center. Hardware stores incorporate Bose, Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, Panasonic, Cannon and some more.

Dubai Festival City

Dubai Festival City Mall is one of the chief spots to shop amid the Dubai Shopping Festival. Situated in the wonderful Dubai Creek and is home to world class feasting and shopping zones in the city. The shopping center is one of the best places to appreciate the day by day firecrackers show in the Dubai Creek region.

Dubai Outlet Mall

Dubai Outlet Mall is the city’s just ‘outlet idea shopping center’ in the whole Middle East and has more than 800 retail locations of world’s head form and way of life brands alongside the Dubai Shopping Festival Offers on hardware.

Why Choose Dubai for Family Holidays

Dubai, as we all know has become a tourist favorite destination. Around 4 million tourists from around the world visit Dubai each year in order to enjoy their holidays. Dubai has some of the best tourist attractions to offer which draw a huge number of tourists and visitors.

In order to get the best out of your family holidays, you should plan a family trip to Dubai. You might be wondering why you should choose Dubai. The answer is very simple, there is something for every member of your family in Dubai. Some of the best attractions of Dubai are:

Beautiful Shores

Dubai has various attractions to offer to tourists from all parts of the World. The shorelines are absolutely fascinating and provide the breathtaking views of a beautiful looking ocean laying on the white sand. The greatest shoreline in the city is Jumeirah shoreline. It has a territory which is isolated in many parts by the clubs and Dubai inns. Besides the Jumeirah, there is another shoreline of an equal degree in terms of beauty known as Al Mamzar.

Burj Khalifa

The largest building of the whole world, Burj Khalifa is a gigantic skyscraper. It has a total height of 829.8 meters i.e. 2,722 feet. This place attracts a huge number of people. Burj Khalifa has given a new identity to Dubai and stands tall as the pride of Dubai.

Dubai Marina

Built along the stretch of Persian Gulf shoreline, Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city. It is one of the largest man-made marinas in the world. This place has some of the top class restaurants and shopping malls. Due to its proximity to the open sea, there have been many instances of marine life especially whales and sharks entering the marina. You may also get the rare view of these lovely creatures.


The desert in Dubai is not just an ocean of sands, there are countless opportunities for entertainment available as well. You can take the desert safari tour in these deserts where adventure awaits you. Here you can enjoy dune bashing, camel riding, sand skiing and so much more.

These are some of the best attractions in Dubai. At all these places, you can have the best time with your family and make countless memories to cherish for the rest of your lives.