UAE is such a vast destination where you can find lots of beautiful scenery and wonders. Apart from the hustle city life you can also enjoy some stunning destinations which are rich in scenic beauty. Explore to this pretty destination and enjoy each and very spot at UAE which are worth enough in spending your vacation. The emirates at UAE are such potential hotspots which comprises of great locations which every tourists must visit. There are spectacular UAE picnic spots which you can enjoy with your families and kids.


Spots to explore:

  • Ski dubai is such an adventurous spot which would be an amazing destination to make your trip a perfect one. This is an unavoidable destination if you want to try out something different. There are lots of penguins where you can take some photograph and enjoy the beautiful snow covered areas around. There is Play Park where your kids can have wonderful time playing n the snow. It is the part of great mall of emirates Dubai and you can really visit this wonderful destination in making your trip an adventurous one.
  • Desert safari Dubai is another spectacular spot where you can have excellent safari over the desert enjoying the sand dune bashing. The desert views are very glorious that you really become impressed with the scenic views around the desert. You can also spend nights here enjoying the delicious BBQ with Arabian entertainments like belly dance. This is a good spot to spend your time with your families and kids. The morning sunrise and sunset is so stunning here.
  • Jebel Hafeet is another “wow” destination which is the UAE’s second highest peak and is one of the world famous one. This huge tomb would really capture your heart. The limestone filled tower is very popular and recommended as the best tourist spot.
  • Dolphin Bay is a great adventure you can have at Dubai. It is a wonderful collection of Dolphins which are so amazing to view. There are lots of visitors visit this spot in spending their time enjoying swimming and scuba diving. This bay gives you fond memories.

Awful Destination:

UAE is such a gorgeous and beautiful destination which ahs got well clean and stunning beaches, Great malls to explore shopping , Souks, famous towers and viewpoints, Great Mosques, the traditional museums and palace, Visiting the natural beauty of emirates in cruise, Adventurous zones including famous water parks to play on spectacular rides, the thrilling water sports activities, jet skiing, ski diving, scuba diving, paragliding, The luxurious resorts and hotels like Burj Al Arab for a fantastic stay, Beautiful pars like Safa park, the great mountains and fossil rocks , pools, dams , wildlife and lot more. UAE would be a favorite destination for each one of you if you really spend your time visiting the enthralling and beautiful spots. Get more detail on the different spots and the amazing packages and deals to make your UAE trip a memorable one in your life.